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Georgian Royal Coat of Arms


Central Panel: The Tunic of Out Saviour Jesus Christ
According to a Georgian tradition, the tunic (chiton) was recovered after Jesus Christ's crucifixion and brought to Mtskheta, ancient capital of Georgia.

Top Left Panel: The Sling with which David killed Goliath and David's harp, symbolizing Bagration's claim to a Biblical descent from King David of Israel.

Top Right Panel: The Royal Orb and Crossed Swords

Bottom Left Panel: The Scales of Justice

In some versions )see left image), there is an additional panel: St. George killing the dragon.
St. George is the patron saint of Georgia, although "Georgian" St. George has many archaic features that he "inherited" from local pagan deities.


Royal Coat of Arms of King Vakhtang VI of Georgia

Both coat of arms are variations of the Bagrationi dynasty's coat of arms.